Creation of essential technologies to utilize carbon dioxide as a resource through the enhancement of plant productivity and the exploitation of plant products

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Keiji Nakajima (Professor, Graduate School of Biological Sciences, Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

Applied research of the "plant iPS gene" for efficient utilization of plant-derived products

 Utilization of plant-derived products as a source of renewable energy relies on novel techniques to create plants and cell lines with improved biomass production and photosynthetic activity, as well as to propagate useful plants and cell lines to a productive scale. This study aims to develop such techniques by utilizing the RKD4 and related genes that have a capacity to reprogram somatic plant cells to an early embryonic status.



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Takamitsu Waki, Shunsuke Miyashima, Miyako Nakanishi, Yoichi Ikeda, Takashi Hashimoto, Keiji Nakajima, A GAL4-based targeted activation tagging system in Arabidopsis thaliana, Plant J., vol. 73, 357-367 (2013)