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Attachments 1

The Selected Project for the JST-NSERC Research Cooperative Program in FY2012

Title of the Selected Project Principal Investigator (PI) Institution
Drying and torrefaction of biomass in fluidized beds with energy recovery and self-heat recuperation
(Japanese side)
Institute of Industrial Science
The University of Tokyo
Xiaotao Bi
(Canadian side)
Department Chemical and
Biological Engineering
University of British Columbia


This new joint project aims to develop an innovative torrefied wood pellets production process, in which self-heat recuperative fluidized bed drying is integrated with biomass torrefication.

In the Japanese team, a self-heat recuperative drying process, which can potentially cut down the drying energy demand by more than 75%, will be developed by investigating the heat transfer characteristics in the fluidized bed. In the Canadian team, biomass torrefication performance, and co-combustion of biomass and low BTU gases by torrefaction in a fluidized bed combustor will be investigated. Combining both the investigations, an innovative torrefied wood pellets production process, which drastically reduces overall energy consumption for wood pellets production compared with conventional processes, will be developed.

The successful development of this process through energy integration and recuperation will enable development of domestic and global markets for forest and agricultural biomass residues in Japan and Canada.

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