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Attachment 1

Overview of S&T Research Partnership for Sustainable Development

1. Objectives of the program

S&T Research Partnership for Sustainable Development is launched to support international joint research cooperation between Japan and developing countries for tackling global issues we face today. Collaborating with the Official Development Assistance (ODA), it intends to strengthen the international cooperation in science and technology (S&T) between Japan and developing countries, to advance scientific knowledge and technology for tackling global issues we face, and to develop the sustained research activities at research institutes in developing countries. Such international research cooperation will address advancement of S&T leading to resolution of global issues as well as research and development (R&D) capacity contributing sustained research activities in developing countries.

2. Outline of the program

(1) Research Areas and Fields
-Environment and Energy 1
“Research contributing to adaptation to or mitigation of climate change”
-Environment and Energy 2
“Research contributing to Sustainable Utilization of Bio- Resources”
-Environment and Energy 3
“Research contributing to the resolution of global-scale environmental issues”
-Natural Disaster Prevention
“Research on natural disaster prevention and mitigation measures attuned to the needs of developing countries”
-Infectious Diseases Control
“Research on measures to address infectious diseases control attuned to the needs of developing countries”
(2) Research Period
Three to Five years (3-5 years)
(3) Targeted Countries
Countries Targeted for ODA Technical Cooperation Projects (with special emphasis on Asian and African countries)
*For the People's Republic of China, please be advised to use programs conducted under equal partnership (e.g. JST Strategic International Cooperation Program).