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Appendix 1

e-ASIA Joint Research Program (e-ASIA JRP)
Joint Research Projects Selected for Funding

Project Title Principal Investigators Position and
Abstract of Research Project
Development of Nano-visualization for Structural Analyses of Genetic Materials and Early Infection Process for Further Innovation of Functional Bio-nanotechnology (Japan)
Kiichi Fukui

Guest Professor,
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
Osaka University

This collaborative research aims to develop standard visualization and manipulation technology applicable to biological samples for further innovation of bio-nanotechnology.

The Japanese research team will analyze the detailed structures of human and plant chromosomes. The Thai team will also analyze the chromosomes, but using the macro- and micro-chromosomes specific to birds and reptiles. The Vietnamese team will analyze the early process of the infection of the microbes at nano-level in collaboration with the Thai team.

Through collaborative and complementary research among the three countries, this research is expected to achieve synergy effects on the usage of the biological materials and techniques and will develop the standardized nanotechnologies useful for elucidating biological issues using specific biological samples important for each country.

Kornsorn Srikulnath
Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics,
Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University
Quoc Bao Nguyen
Research Institute for Biotechnology and Environment,
Nong Lam University

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