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Appendix 1

e-ASIA Joint Research Program (e-ASIA JRP)
Joint Research Projects Selected for Funding

Project Title Japanese Researcher Position and
Abstract of Research Project
Research of Expandable Cluster-based Energy Infrastructure in e-Asia Countries (Japan)
Yosuke Nakanishi

Graduate School of Environment and Energy Engineering, Waseda University

This collaborative research aims to promote expandable electricity supply systems taking a proper care of environmental protection in e-Asia countries, where the enhancement of energy infrastructure is urgently needed.

Specifically, the Japanese team will do research on the concept design of cluster–based electricity supply system and utilization technology of renewable energies. The Thai team will develop the technology for electric shortage, power electronics, and energy management system. The team will also explore the diffusion of electric system in rural areas taking proper consideration of national character from the perspective of economic and sociology. The Philippine team will do research on power system interconnections among islands by using the optimal power flow calculation. The Indonesian team will do research on autonomous power system of islands.

This collaborative research by the teams of the four countries expects to form a basic foundation for energy infrastructure that are suited for national characteristics of each country.

Udom Lewlomphaisarl
Unit Director,
Advanced Automation and Electronics Research Unit, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
Noel Estoperez
Department of Electrical Engineering, Mindanao State University - Iligan Institute of Technology
Abraham Lomi
Research Center of Renewable Energy, Department of Electrical Engineering, National Institute of Technology Malang

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