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Appendix 1

Belmont Forum CRA (Collaborative Research Action)
“Climate Predictability and Inter-Regional Linkages” List of Funded Projects

Project Title Overseas Research Teams Research Project Abstract
Japanese Research Team
The potential of seasonal-to-decadal-scale inter-regional linkages to advance climate predictions
Danieta Matei (Lead-PI) (Germany) Ocean in the Earth System, Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie, Scientific Researcher Noel Keenlyside (Co-PI) (Norway) Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Professor Torben Koenigk (Co-PI) (Sweden) Rossby Centre, Sveriges Meteorologiska och Hydrologiska Institute, Research Leader Frederic Vitart (Co-PI) (UK) European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts, Principal Scientist Tao Wang (Co-PI) (China) Nansen-Zhu Center, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Associate Professor Decadal-scale natural variability in the climate system, which is gaining increasing attention of climate scientists, acts to accelerate or slow down the anthropogenic global warming and is influential on the regional occurrence of extreme weather events that can exert significant social impacts. Nevertheless, our knowledge of the dynamics and predictability of that variability is quite limited. Under close collaboration among European, Chinese and Japanese scientists, this study aims to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms and associated predictability of atmospheric teleconnection with relevance to the predictability of sub-seasonal to year-to-year variability and the role of ocean circulation in climate variability on interannual through decadal scale, with particular focus on variability over Eurasia and the surrounding oceans. New insights thus obtained into the predictability of climate variability and extreme weather events in various regions will be useful for reduction and prevention of natural disaster, climate-related industries and the activity related to the “Future Earth” project.
Hisashi Nakamura (Co-PI) RCAST, The University of Tokyo, Vice Director/Professor Jinro Ukita Department of Environmental Science, Niigata University, Professor
Globally Observed Teleconnections and their role and representation in Hierarchies of Atmospheric Models
Lesley Gray (Lead-PI) (UK) University of Oxford and National Center for Atmospheric Science, Professor Bo Wu (Co-PI) (China) Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Science, Associate Researcher Francôis Lott (Co-PI) (France) Institut Pierre Simon Laplace Dim Coumou (Co-PI) (Germany) Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Senior Scientist Krishnan Raghavan (Co-PI) (India) Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Executive Director Climate change and extreme weather events of a certain area, not only occur at random, it is believed to be associated with a variety of phenomena that occur in many parts of the world. This project, Globally Observed Teleconnections and their role and representation in Hierarchies of Atmospheric Model (GOTHAM), represents an ambitious research program to gain robust, relevant and transferable knowledge of past and present day patterns and trends of regional climate extremes and variability of vulnerable areas identified by the IPCC, including the tropics and high-latitudes. It will achieve this by identifying the influence of remote drivers, or teleconnections, on regional climate variability, and assessing their relative impact. It will also assess the potential for improved season-decadal prediction using a combination of contemporary climate models, citizen-science computing and advanced statistical analysis tools.
Shingo Watanabe (Co-PI) Department of Seamless Environmental Prediction Research, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Director

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