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Table 1

Number of Selected Proposals of the Third Call for FY2015, by Japanese Receiving Organization

In the order of the Japanese alphabet

University / Technical College / High School

No. Organization name No. of programs
1Iwate University1
2Osaka University 1
3Okayama University3
4 National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College1
5Kagawa University1
6Kagoshima University 1
7Kanazawa University1
8Kansai University1
9Kwansei Gakuin University1
10 National Institute of Technology, Kisarazu College1
11The University of Kitakyushu2
12SOJO University1
13Kyushu Institute of Technology1
14Kyushu University3
15Kyoto Sangyo University1
16Kyoto University1
17Kumamoto University3
18Kobe University1
19International University of Health and Welfare1
20Saitama University2
21Saga University1
22Sapporo Nihon University Senior High School1
23Shizuoka University3
24Shibaura Institute of Technology1
25Shimane University1
26Tokyo Metropolitan University1
27Chiba University1
28University of Tsukuba1
29 Senior High School at Sakado, University of Tsukuba1
30The University of Electro-Communications1
31Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology2
32Tokyo Women's Medical University1
33The University of Tokyo5
34Tokyo City University2
35Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology1
36Tokyo University of Science1
37Tohoku University1
38Tokushima University1
39The University of Toyama2
40 National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College1
41Nagasaki University1
42Nagoya Institute of Technology1
43Nagoya University1
44Nara Prefectural Seisho Junior and Senior High School1
45Hosei University2
46Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology1
47Hokkaido University1
48University of Miyazaki3
49Yokohama National University2
50Yokohama City University1
51Ritsumeikan University1
52Ritsumeikan Junior and Senior High School1
53Waseda University1
  Total 74

Incorporated Association

No. Organization name No. of programs
1Japan and China Educational Medical Cultural Exchange General Incorporated Foundation1
2International Cood Neighborhood Association1
3Japan-Thailand Economic Cooperation Society1
4International Center for Environmental Technology Transfer1
5The Japan China Medical Association1
6Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center1
7National Institute for Fusion Science1
8National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology 1
9National Institute of Radiological Sciences 1
11High Energy Accelerator Research Organization 1
  Total 11

Private Enterprise

No. Organization name No. of
1HORIBA, Ltd.1
2 Cathay Tri-Tech., Inc.1
3 Japan Royal Jelly Co., Ltd. 1
  Total 3

Local Government

No. Organization name No. of programs
1Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange1
2Hiroshima International Center1
3Shizuoka City Association for Multicultural Exchange1
  Total 3

<The Third Call for FY2015>

Total Number of Receiving Organizations 70
Total Number of Programs 91

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