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Overview of the Evaluation

1. Aims of the Program

The Program aims at promoting cooperation in science and technology as well as developing Japan’s science and technology capacity for the future. The Program is administered based on an interministerial agreement between Japan and Singapore in the field of “Functional Applications of Physical Sciences”, as designated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

2. Field of collaboration

The field can be summarised as “Development of Fundamental Technology for Biodevices Enabling Dynamic Analysis and Control of Cells” focusing on:

  1. 1) Nanodevices for cell monitoring such as:
    • · Monitoring in vivo information using nanodevices,
    • · Nanodevices capable of simultaneous measurement of multiple parameters,
    • · Control of cell function by transmitting stimuli from nanodevices.
  2. 2) Biomaterials and biocompatibility in biodevices such as:
    • · Optimization of biomolecules applicable to biodevices,
    • · Development of synthesis technology for artificial biomolecules,
    • · Engineering biocompatibility based biomaterials for fundamental interfacial platforms.
  3. 3) Reconstitution of cell dynamics or biomolecular networks in vitro/ in silico such as:
    • · Development of fundamental technology for quantitative measurement by visualization and direct measurement of complex cellular dynamics,
    • · Development of fundamental technology for reconstitution of molecular complex and cell kinetics by using in vitro models and in silico simulations.

3. Prospective Applicants

Japanese researchers at universities, research institutes or companies were invited to submit proposals for cooperative research projects in the research field described above.

4. Period of Research

Three years

5. Amount of Funding

Direct expenses of 15 million JPY from JST to the Japanese researchers per project are provided over three years. Overhead costs are provided additionally as 30% of direct expenses.

6. Funded Expenses

Funding provided within this call is intended to enhance the capacity of the applicants to collaborate. Funding will therefore be provided mainly in support of collaborative activities such as travel and holding symposia/seminars and may also support local research expenses such as in the provision of facilities, equipment and consumables that are necessary for the collaboration.

7. Evaluation Process

Based on the results of evaluation conducted by experts, JST and A*STAR including the Program Officer (JST side) and the Technical Lead (A*STAR side) jointly decided on the three successful projects to select for funding.

8. Evaluation Criteria

  1. 1) Conformity with Program Aims and Designated Research Fields
  2. 2) Capability of the Research Leaders
  3. 3) Effectiveness and Synergy of the Co-operative Research Project
  4. 4) Validity of the Research Plan
  5. 5) Effectiveness, Continuity and Validity of Exchange

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