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Appendix 2

"FY2014 The Strategic International Collaborative Research Program (SICORP)"
Japan-France Collaborative Research Projects

General Comment

Program Officer Hisashi YAMAMOTO Ph.D
(Professor, The Head of Molecular Catalyst Research Center, Chubu University / Emeritus professor,University of Chicago)
Vice-Program Officer Takashi KATO Ph.D
(Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)

A total of 37 proposals were submitted for this first call in 2014, and Japan and France jointly evaluated and decided on the 4 successful projects to select for funding.
The 4 successful projects aim to achieve various outcomes which are applicable to development of next-generation battery materials, living body adaptation materials and artificial photosynthesis. These projects are expected to contribute to future development of the Molecular Technology field and dramatic progress through synergy between the Japanese and French research teams.
However, it is regrettable that a considerable number of proposals did not seem to sufficiently understand the meaning of Molecular Technology as a field of research. Molecular Technology is a new research discipline originating in Japan, which has two essential aspects: a clear goal toward green innovation or life innovation to produce significant results within 20-30 years, and a process of designing and synthesizing the most suitable molecules to achieve that goal.
We hope that future applicants will develop their proposals with the knowledge that both of these aspects are indispensable for Molecular Technology research.
The second call will open around January or February 2015, and we expect to receive proposals that seek not to follow in the footsteps of other research, but to stand out in terms of their scientific and innovative excellence.

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