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Appendix 1

The Selected Project for the JST-NSERC Research Cooperative Program in FY2014

Title of the Selected Project Principal
Investigator (PI)
Position and Institution
Innovative UV Technologies for the Removal of Emerging Contaminants and Sustainable Water Supplies in Small Communities Kumiko Oguma
(Japanese side)
Assistant Professor Department of Urban Engineering The University of Tokyo
Madjid Mohseni
(Canadian side)
Professor Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering The University of British Columbia

The principal objective of this project is to propose the application of novel and promising UV based technologies to ensure the safety and sustainability of drinking water supplies in small and aging rural communities undergoing depopulation.

The Japanese team will investigate issues including the application of novel and emerging UV technologies to the inactivation of pathogens and the decomposition of persistent chemicals, as well as problem identification and risk evaluation for small water supply systems. The tasks of the Canadian team will include the characterization of surface water sources affected by algal blooms, the application of novel UV technologies to the degradation of algal toxins as well as taste and odor compounds, and the comparison of performance of the novel UV processes with conventional technologies.

The successful implementation of the project will propose novel UV technologies that are potentially more sustainable and suitable for small water supplies than current processes, particularly in terms of performance, maintenance and operation. Moreover, through complementary and synergistic collaboration, Japan and Canada will achieve and leverage a win-win relationship and close connection leading to long term future cooperation.

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