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Aug. 01, 2013
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
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Detecting Proteins’ “Rendezvous”
by using firefly’s light-emitting mechanism

Analyzing protein-protein interaction is essential to elucidate finely tuned life phenomena. Prof. Ueda and his co-workers have developed a novel technology, named “Firefly luminescent intermediate based Protein Interaction Assay (FlimPIA)”, to detect these interactions by combining two complementary luciferase mutants. Highly sensitive and specific, this technology demonstrated under-1-second detection of several known protein-protein interactions in a concentration-dependent manner.

FlimPIA may be applied to drug discovery and clinical diagnostics as a convenient, high speed and specific assay.

Grant Information

JST-SENTAN (Development of Advanced Measurement and Analysis Systems), Technology Development Type, “Development of novel protein-protein interaction detecting technology with high speed and sensitivity”

Journal Information

Yuki Ohmuro-Matsuyama, Kota Nakano, Aoi Kimura, Keiichi Ayabe, Masaki Ihara, Takeshi Wada, and Hiroshi Ueda.
“A Protein-Protein Interaction Assay Based on the Functional Complementation of Mutant Firefly Luciferases”
Published online on August 1st 2013, in “Analytical Chemistry”.
doi: 10.1021/ac4016825


[About Research]
Professor Hiroshi UEDA, Ph.D.
Chemical Resources Laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology

[About Program]
Akira KUBO
Department of Industry-Academic Alliance, Office of Advanced Measuring Technology,
Japan Science and Technology Agency


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