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December 16, 2009(Wed)17:00-December 17, 2009(Thu)19:00 (JST)
2009.02.18 The 4th symposium proceedings of BIRD[外部リンク]
2008.10.28 JSNP #35[外部リンク] is released.
2008.10.16 SSEARCH was upgraded to 35.4.3 version.[外部リンク]
2008.07.28 SSEARCH was upgraded to 35.4.1 version.[外部リンク]
2008.06.12 JSNP #34[外部リンク] is released.
2008.04.21 JSNP #33[外部リンク] is released.
2007.01.17 HapMap data release #21a[外部リンク] is available.
2006.08.03 HapMap data release #21[外部リンク] is available.
2006.07.07 Genome Analysis Tools[外部リンク] are updated.
2006.05.30 JSNP #28[外部リンク] is released.
2006.03.27 Polymorphism-related Database Links[外部リンク] is updated.
2006.01.24 HapMap data release #20[外部リンク] is available.
2006.01.17 ECGB[外部リンク] : Mouse genome is updated (NT Build34). Comparison result with rhesus genome (rheMac1) are added.
2006.01.11 JSNP #27 [外部リンク] is released.
2005.11.17 JSNP #26[外部リンク] is released.
2005.10.24 HapMap data release #19[外部リンク] is available.
2005.09.28 HapMap data release #18[外部リンク] is available.
2005.09.20 DB services and Genome analysis tools will be unavailable during the periods noted below.
Sep. 26/28 2005  Whole day   HOWDY[外部リンク]
Sep. 30 2005    11:00~14:00  HGS[外部リンク]SIRA[外部リンク]Genome analysis tools[外部リンク]
2005.09.14 HOWDY[外部リンク] : We have released "Entrez Gene" in the abstract class "Gene" and the basic class.
2005.09.07 JSNP #25[外部リンク] is released.
2005.08.17 HapMap Data from Phase Ⅱ[外部リンク] is released.
2005.06.21 HapMap Data Release #16.c1[外部リンク] has freezed Phase I data.
2005.05.27 The Eukaryote Comparative Genome Browser[外部リンク] is updated.
2005.05.16 JSNP #24[外部リンク] is released.
2005.04.26 HOWDY Light[外部リンク] is released on April 26,2005. Conventional HOWDY is also available as HOWDY Classic[外部リンク].
2004.12.24 The Eukaryote Comparative Genome Browser[外部リンク] has been released.
2004.11.12 PDBj[外部リンク] starts a new service in xPSSS to display the Electron Density Map of each biological macromolecule, whose structure factor file has been deposited, through the Summary page or the Experimental Details page of xPSSS.
2004.09.01 PDBj has started a new service, Sequence Navigator, to allow searching for homologous proteins using the amino acid sequence.[外部リンク]
2004.07.07 The functions of HOWDY have been enhanced.[外部リンク]
2004.05.26 HapMap mirror site in Japan has been set up.[外部リンク]
2004.02.25 A genome analysis tool, "Genome Scenario", has been renewed.[外部リンク]
2004.02.18 The PDBj main browser was changed into the xPSSS (xml-based Protein Structure Search Service) version 1.0 on February 10, 2004.[外部リンク]
2003.10.01 Japan Science and Technology Corporation has become the Independent Administrative Agency,Japan Science and Technology Agency as of October 1, 2003.
2003.08.21 The PDBjViewer ,3D-Viewer for eF-site and eProtS,Version 1.0 is freely distributed from PDBj Web page.[外部リンク]
2003.05.15 Human organized whole genome database(HOWDY)[外部リンク] new features become available.
2003.04.15 Human genome Annotation Library (HAL) is opened as a product of a BIRD project directed by Dr.Yada (Univ. of Tokyo).
2002.08.01 Please click here[外部リンク] to display/download PDBj-ML, an XML version of PDB, and to download converter programs and sample programs to handle PDBj-ML.
2002.08.01 A mirror site of BMRB(BioMagresBank) is available for your convenience. Please access to here[外部リンク].
2002.03.05 Web services that provide the programmatic interfaces (program-friendly interfaces)[外部リンク] started.