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Terms of use

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Terms of use

About copyright

All the contents are copyrighted by the Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy (LCS) unless otherwise stated. Any reuse of the contents without permission from LCS is prohibited.

About links

No permission is required for making a link to this site. Please use the banner below for a link. A usual text-base link is also welcome.


However, the following links are unwelcome:

  • Any links from web sites whose purpose or content is offensive to public order and morals.
  • Any links that may mislead people about the activity of LCS.
  • Any links that may significantly degrade the image or credibility of LCS or that may infringe the rights of any specific individual or group.
  • Any links that directly show any contents or pages of this web site (e.g., a link showing a page of the site in whole or part in a frame).


Note the following precautions when using this site.

  • When quoting data, be sure to refer to the original source. If there is any difference between the source and a report on this site, the source data should be prioritized.
  • Any reproduction, quotation or the like of a report on this site requires approval from LCS.
  • The URLs listed as sources are as of the time of the survey. Note that there may be some links that do not work at present.
  • LCS accepts no responsibility for any prejudice resulting from the use of information on this site.