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Privacy policy

About personal information protection

The basic policies of the Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy (LCS) on the handling of your personal information are as follows

About personal information

What is referred to here is information collected through the activities of LCS and that allows identification of individuals. More specifically, such information is collected through paper documents, electronic media, web pages, etc. in the course of LCS's activities and includes names, addresses, phone numbers, mail addresses, places of work and other descriptions that allow identification of individuals. This includes information that does not allow identification of individuals but can easily be correlated with other information that allows identification of individuals. Regarding the protection of such personal information, LCS will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information Held by Independent Administrative Agencies, etc. and other relevant laws and guidelines.

Use of personal information

LCS will use its collected personal information only within the scope of necessity and the purpose of conducting the following activities.

  • Discussions within LCS and Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) for planning and implementation of research, events and other activities related to low carbon society strategies, as well as contacting relevant individuals in this regard.
  • Conducting a questionnaire survey and distributing questionnaires to support LCS's analytical study.
  • Supporting a project or other activity of Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST) (e.g., looking for candidates for program officers and committee members for JST's research and development projects).
Supply of personal information

The collected personal information will not be supplied to a third party except for either of the following cases.

  • When consent is given from the relevant individual.
  • When personal information is requested from either of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, other governmental agencies, independent administrative agencies and local public agencies and such information is necessary for such organizations to conduct their tasks, and there is due reason to supply personal information or it is deemed necessary to supply personal information based on other laws and regulations.

Even when supplying personal information to a third party in the above cases, the purpose and method of the use of the information will be restricted as necessary and other necessary action will be taken.

Management of personal information
  • LCS will rigorously control its collected personal information within the scope of the above-stated purposes, take preventive or corrective actions against unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration and leakage, educate the staff thoroughly, and take reasonable security measures through access control and other system management.
    When consigning the handling of the collected personal information to an external organization, a consignment contract will be concluded with an appropriate organization selected according to the JST rules. The contract shall include provisions that stipulate whether reconsigning is permitted, the confidentiality obligation of the consignee, the contract period, the steps to be taken in the case of an accident, the return and erasure of personal information at the time of contract termination, and contract cancellation for a breach of the contract by the consignee.
  • Any access to this site is recorded as cookie and access log data, which will be used for statistical analysis of web site access information. Although the access log contains the provider name, domain name, IP address, access time and other data of each person who accessed the site, such information does not necessarily allow identification of individuals. The access log will not be supplied to a third person unless it is deemed necessary based on laws and regulations.
Inquiry, correction and deletion of personal information

If LCS is asked by individuals to look, correct or delete the relevant personal information held by LCS, it will respond quickly. LCS will prepare an in-house organization to cope with this request.


LCS will keep improving the protection of personal information through internal and external audits. Therefore, the privacy policies presented here are subject to change without notice. Any change will be notified on this site. LCS assumes that the viewer agrees on the privacy policies as changed at the time he or she first accesses and uses this site after the change is noticed.