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LCS social scenario

Summary Report 2016

“Challenges and Perspectives toward the Realization of Dynamic and Affluent Low Carbon Society in 2050”(December,2016 issue)


pdfExecutive Summary (PDF: 166KB)
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Summary Report 2014

“Towards the Realization of Dynamic and Affluent Low Carbon Society”(June,2014 issue)


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Comprehensive Strategies and Scenarios for the Realization of a Low Carbon Society

“Comprehensive Strategies and Scenarios for the Realization of a Low Carbon Society”(July,2012 issue)

pdfExecutive Summary (PDF: 130KB)
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Proposal Paper for Policy Making and Governmental Action toward Low Carbon Society

FY2016-PP-01“PV power systems (vol.4) : PV Manufacturing Cost Reduction Factor Analysis Using Quantitative Technology Scenarios”
pdfSummary(PDF:316KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:755KB)
FY2016-PP-02“Secondary Battery System (vol.4) : Structure Analysis and Cost Evaluation of a Redox Flow Battery System”
pdfSummary(PDF:303KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:806KB)
FY2016-PP-03“SOFC Systems (vol.4) : Application of SOFCs to Steam Electrolysis and Technological Challenges”
pdfSummary(PDF:341KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:880KB)
FY2016-PP-04“Geothermal Power (vol.3) : Energy of Hydraulic Fracturing for Hot Dry Rock System and Potential Power”
pdfSummary(PDF:320KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:820KB)
FY2016-PP-05“Cost Reduction of Woody Biomass Fuels (vol.2) : Total Production Cost and Cost Reduction Scenario of Woody Biomass in Japan”
pdfSummary(PDF:341KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:869KB)
FY2016-PP-06“Survey on the Carbon Capture and Storage process (vol.2) : The CO2 Capture Cost by the Membrane Separation and the CCS Cost of the Storage and the Injection”
pdfSummary(PDF:330KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:852KB)
FY2016-PP-07“Economy and CO2 Emission of Carbon Free Hydrogen (vol.1) ”
pdfSummary(PDF:315KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:804KB)
FY2016-PP-08“Technological Issues and Future Prospects of GaN and Related Semiconductor Devices”
pdfSummary(PDF:420KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:984KB)
FY2016-PP-09“Platform of Low Carbon Technologies for Process Design and Evaluation of Manufacturing Cost and CO2 Emissions (vol.3) ”
pdfSummary(PDF:144KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:768KB)
FY2016-PP-10“Economic Evaluation for Low Carbon Electric Power System Considering System Stability : Technological Issues of Electric Power System toward 80% CO2 Reduction by 2050 in Japan”
pdfSummary(PDF:340KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:891KB)
FY2016-PP-11“Proposal for Implementing Pay-As-You-Save Scheme for Energy Efficiency Improvement in Residential and SMEs”
pdfSummary(PDF:284KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.6MB)
FY2016-PP-12“Aspects of Decarbonized Society from a Forecast of Energy Demand in Japan (vol.2) ”
pdfSummary(PDF:332KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:781KB)
FY2016-PP-13“Study on Risk Analysis of Photovoltaic Systems and Design of a Novel Institutional Policy for Promotion of Renewable Energy Using Real Options Approach”
pdfSummary(PDF:342KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:974KB)
FY2016-PP-14“Prediction of Popularization of Fuel Cells Considering Limited Rationality of Consumers”
pdfSummary(PDF:346KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:963KB)
FY2016-PP-15“A Study on Operation Planning Models of Power Generation System Taking into Consideration the Uncertainty in Renewable Power Generation : A Case Study on a Cost Reduction Measure by Introducing Battery Storage Systems”
pdfSummary(PDF:346KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.3MB)
FY2016-PP-16“Analyses on Transient Stabilities in Decarbonizing Power Systems with Large-scale Integration of Renewable Power Sources : A Case Study in Kyushu Region”
pdfSummary(PDF:352KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:988KB)
FY2016-PP-17“Policy Recommendation toward Low Carbon Society on Promotion of Energy Saving in Household Sector (vol.3)”
pdfSummary(PDF:352KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:956KB)
FY2016-PP-18“A Review of PV Output Suppression in Japan under Modified Feed-in Tariff Scheme”
pdfSummary(PDF:337KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:872KB)
FY2016-PP-19“Possibility of Achieving Both Energy Saving and Good Health by Lifestyle Shift”
pdfSummary(PDF:324KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1MB)
FY2016-PP-20“Scenarios for 2050 with Low Carbon Attributes Utilizing Scenario Planning Method”
pdfSummary(PDF:217KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.4MB)
FY2016-PP-21“Value Chain Assessment of Technology for Climate Change Mitigation and Integrated Contribution Approach : PV power systems”
pdfSummary(PDF:415KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:2.9MB)
FY2015-PP-01“PV power systems(vol.3):Cost estimates for high efficiency compound solar cells using quantitative technology scenarios”
pdfSummary(PDF:245KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:915KB)
FY2015-PP-02“Secondary Battery System(vol.3):Cost Evaluation and Technological Challenges of a Lithium-air Battery”
pdfSummary(PDF:271KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:689KB)
FY2015-PP-03“SOFC Systems(vol.3):Role of SOFC Systems in Future Electricity Mix of Japan and Their Technological Challenges”
pdfSummary(PDF:280KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:890KB)
FY2015-PP-04“Carbon-Based Catalysts for Fuel Cells Application”
pdfSummary(PDF:250KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:657KB)
FY2015-PP-05“Geothermal Power(vol.2):Electricity Cost Estimation of Hot Dry Rock System”
pdfSummary(PDF:247KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:749KB)
FY2015-PP-06“Cost Reduction of Woody Biomass Fuels:Cost Reduction Effect by Mechanization of Wood Production”
pdfSummary(PDF:258KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:776KB)
FY2015-PP-07“Methane Production from Biomass Wastes by Anaerobic Fermentation(vol.3):Process Design Rationalization based on Chemical Reaction Analysis”
pdfSummary(PDF:328KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.6MB)
FY2015-PP-08“Survey on the Carbon Capture and Storage process:Comparison of the chemical absorption process with the physical absorption process for CO2 capture”
pdfSummary(PDF:227KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:600KB)
FY2015-PP-09“Materials Research with Data-Utilization toward Implementation of Low-Carbon Society(vol.2)”
pdfSummary(PDF:281KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.7MB)
FY2015-PP-15“Implementation of Pay-as-you-save (PAYS) type scheme for energy efficiency improvement in Japanese residential and commercial sector:Current status of social experiments and similar scheme inside & outside Japan”
pdfSummary(PDF:370KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.5MB)
FY2015-PP-16“Aspects of Decarbonized Society from a Forecast of Energy Demand in Japan”
pdfSummary(PDF:308KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.3MB)
FY2015-PP-10“Economical Evaluation of Energy Trading in a Collectively Receiving Adartment Complex in Which a Fuel Cell is Installed”
pdfSummary(PDF:238KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:736KB)
FY2015-PP-17“Provision of Supply and Demand Control System in Power in Systems Integrating Large scale Renewable Energy”
pdfSummary(PDF:258KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.1MB)
FY2015-PP-18“Study on a Novel Economic Load Dispatch Control of Power Systems in Kyushu Region Taking Massive Installation of Solar Power Generation and Transient Stability into Consideration”
pdfSummary(PDF:240KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:979KB)
FY2015-PP-19“Design and Evaluation of Frequency Regulation Market Using Conventional Power Plants and Electric Vehicles”
pdfSummary(PDF:259KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:705KB)
FY2015-PP-11“Policy Recommendation toward Low Carbon Society on Promotion of Energy Saving in Household Sector(vol.2)”
pdfSummary(PDF:314KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:3.5MB)
FY2015-PP-12“Evaluation of the PV Project with Consideration of Output Suppression”
pdfSummary(PDF:279KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:827KB)
FY2015-PP-13“Assessment of Thermal Sensation by Brain Activity Measurement for Implementation of Energy-saving Air Conditioning”
pdfSummary(PDF:298KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.8MB)
FY2015-PP-14“Development of an Indicator to Evaluate Social Welfare Moving toward Sustainable Society”
pdfSummary(PDF:273KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:746KB)
FY2014-PP-03“PV power systems(vol.2):Cost Estimates for High Efficiency Si-based Tandem Solar Cells Using Quantitative Technology Scenarios”
pdfSummary(PDF:177KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:625KB)
FY2014-PP-04“Secoundary battery System(vol.2):Cost Estimation and Future Perspective of High-capacity Active Materials for Lithium-ion Battery”
pdfSummary(PDF:190KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:566KB)
FY2014-PP-05“SOFC Systems(vol.2):Cost Analysis of Medium and Large SOFC Systems Their Technological Challenges”
pdfSummary(PDF:201KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:602KB)
FY2014-PP-06“Small/medium-scale Hydroelectric Generation(vol.2):Relationships among Possible Generation Energy, Cost of Power Generation and Energy Availability Factor”
pdfSummary(PDF:176KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:580KB)
FY2014-PP-07“Geothermal Power(vol.1):Design and Estimation to increase Generation Power”
pdfSummary(PDF:172KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:578KB)
FY2014-PP-08“Methane Production from Biomass Wastes by Anaerobic Fermentation(vol.2):Reaction Engineering Approach towards the Rational Design”
pdfSummary(PDF:177KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:691KB)
FY2014-PP-09“Establishing Low Carbon Society in Rural Districts with the Activation of Forestry:Manufacturing Cost Structure of Woody Chips and Wood Pellets”
pdfSummary(PDF:208KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1MB)
FY2014-PP-10“Platform of Low Carbon Technologies for Process Design and Evaluation of Manufacturing Cost and CO2 Emissions(vol.2)”
pdfSummary(PDF:161KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:548KB)
FY2014-PP-11“Guide for Process Design, Cost and CO2 Emission Estimation with Relevant Database:Structuring Knowledge Base on Equipment, Material and Cost Information”
pdfSummary(PDF:207KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:780KB)
FY2014-PP-12“Materials Research with Data-Utilization toward Implementation of Low-Carbon Society”
pdfSummary(PDF:229KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:712KB)
FY2014-PP-01“Change of Power Consumption after the Great East Japan Earthquake”
pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:871KB)
FY2014-PP-13“Potential Regional PV System Installation with Consideration of Technology Development”
pdfSummary(PDF:218KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:871KB)
FY2014-PP-14“Potential and Economic Outcomes of Deploying Currently Available Low Carbon Technologies”
pdfSummary(PDF:208KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:849KB)
FY2014-PP-15“Evaluation of Power Generation and CO2 Emissions Reduction Potential by PV Application in Developing Countries Considered in the Integrated Contribution Approach for Climate Change Mitigation”
pdfSummary(PDF:264KB)  pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1MB)
FY2014-PP-02“Concept of Technology-based Integrated Contribution Approach and Technology Cooperation Scheme to Other Countries against Climate Change”
pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:3.1MB)
FY2013-PP-02“PV Power Systems:Quantitative Technology Scenarios, and Science and Technology Roadmap based on Elemental Technology Structure”
pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:637KB)
FY2013-PP-03“Secondary Battery Systems:Quantitative Technology Scenarios, and Science and Technology Roadmap based on Elemental Technology Structure”
pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:570KB)
FY2013-PP-04“SOFC Systems:Quantitative Technology Scenarios, and Science and Technology Roadmap based on Elemental Technology Structure”
pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:2.4MB)
FY2013-PP-05“Methane Production From Biomass Wastes by Anaerobic Frementation (First step)”
pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:314KB)
FY2013-PP-06“Small/medium-scale Hydroelectric Generations:Quantitative Technology Scenarios, and Science and Technology Roadmap based on Elemental Technology Structure(First Step)”
pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.2MB)
FY2013-PP-07“Platform of Low Carbon Technologies for Process Design and Evaluation of Manufacturing Cost and CO2 Emissions”
pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:408KB)
FY2013-PP-08“Policy Designs for Bringing about Substantial Energy Savings in the Household Sector in Japan:Developing "Green Deal"-Type Payment Schemes and Nega-watt Markets through Activities of the Green Power Moderator”
pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.4MB)
FY2013-PP-09“Policy Recommendation toward Low Carbon Society on Promotion of Energy Saving in Household Sector”
pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:1.2MB)
FY2013-PP-01“Promoting Oversea Transfer of Technology for Climate Change Mitigation”
pdfALL Pages(Japanese Text Only)(PDF:904KB)