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Presentation Materials

pdf Koichi Yamada -Presentation at Urban Environment and Wellbeing (PDF: 3.8MB)
pdf Koichi Yamada -Key Summary Points from Urban Environment and Wellbeing (PDF: 13KB)

On 11-15th of June, "Forum on Science,Technology & Innovation for Sustainable development" was held in Rio, Brazil. Deputy Director-General Koichi Yamada gave a lecture at "Urban Environment and Wellbeing" of this forum.This argument was summarized in Key Summary Points and submitted to the plenary session of Rio+20.

pdf Koichi Yamada -Presentation at the Club of Rome (PDF: 1.0MB)

On 17-18th of October, "International Conference on the Future of Energy and the Interconnected Challenges of the 21st Century" was held by the Club of Rome in Basel, Switzerland. Deputy Director-General Koichi Yamada gave an address on paths Japan has to follow for realizing a low carbon society and our future power composition after the earthquake on 3.11.

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