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How to advance activity and contents

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How to advance activity and contents

We also proactively distribute these results to individuals, companies, local and national governments, and any others working to realize a low carbon society.

  • When developing quantitative technology scenarios, LCS identifies developing trends in innovative technology at the university, corporate and research institution level as well as considering advancements in existing technology systems in order to develop structural and technological objectives.

  • To develop quantitative economic and social scenarios, LCS takes into consideration advances in existing technology systems, works with eco-model cities and environmentally advanced cities to confirm the effects and diffusion of economic and social systems using social experiments, and verifies the feasibility of these scenarios.

  • For the construction of a sustainable low carbon social system, LCS creates eco-models to design and evaluate social systems ranging in scale from small villages to mega cities. The results will be used to build a quantitative database that we make widely accessible.