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Promoting understanding towards the realization of a low carbon society

Study how to promote understanding of ways in which individuals (both children and adults), local governments and companies can help facilitate the transition towards a low carbon society.

Defining and categorizing factors hampering the spread of energy-saving electrical appliances

  • To ascertain consumer awareness and behavior regarding the need to realize a low carbon society.
  • To ascertain characteristics or trends in low carbon related consumer awareness and behavior according to income.
  • surveys to determine the effectiveness of environmental education in influencing consumer behavior and promoting the spread of energy-saving electrical appliances.
Research outline

Policies that promote the purchase of energy-saving electrical appliances are highly effective in making the transition towards a comfortable but low carbon society. Replacing conventional appliances with energy-saving products will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enable consumers to save on electricity charges.
Despite national government measures such as the Eco Point System to encourage consumers to replace current electrical appliances with more energy-saving products, there has been no significant increase in the purchase of energy-saving appliances.

In order to propose more effective measures, we will ascertain and categorize the obstacles other than cost and the lack of consumer understanding that hamper the promotion of energy-efficient electrical appliances.