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Awareness (2010)

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Promoting understanding towards the realization of a low carbon society

Defining and categorizing factors hampering the spread of energy-saving electrical appliances


This year, having studied the results of previous surveys on stagnant sales of energy-efficient electrical appliances, we concluded that, although the major obstacle seems to be cost, several other factors need to be considered to improve the situation.

  • Not all consumers are fully aware of the cost-effectiveness of switching to more energy-saving electrical appliances.
  • A certain percentage of people are refraining from replacing current products because of reasons other than cost.
  • Therefore, in proposing measures to promote energy-saving products, we need to address differences in consumer characteristics. Some consumers are already aware of the importance of low carbon and have switched to using highly efficient electrical appliances. On the other hand, there are people who will not benefit financially by replacing current electrical appliances with more energy-saving products.

This year, in order to confirm these premises, we decided to focus on factors hampering the increase in energy-saving refrigerators. This specifically involved developing a survey to determine the main factors that stood in the way of purchasing energy-saving refrigerators according to different consumer attributes and characteristics.