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Ryuji Matsuhashi

Ryuji Matsuhashi

Research Topics

Analysis on Energy systems, Study on mitigating global warming, Analysis on energy policy, Analysis on measures to create low carbon society


[1] Ryuji Matsuhashi, Kae Takase, Koichi Yamada and Yoshikuni Yoshida, "Prospective on Policies and Measures for Realizing a Secure, Economical and Low-carbon Energy System,-Taking the Effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake into Consideration-," Low Carbon Economy, Vol.2, No.4, 2011, pp193-199
[2] Ryuji Matsuhashi, Kae Takase, Tsuyoshi Yoshioka, Yuki Imanishi, and Yoshikuni Yoshida, "Sustainable development under ambitious medium term target of reducing greenhouse gases," Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of Oxford Round Table, Vol. 2010, No.3, (2010)
[3] Ryuji Matsuhashi, Hidetaka Shinozaki, Yoshikuni Yoshida, " A study on measures to activate CDM taking project risks into consideration," Journal of Environmental Informatics, Vol. 14, No.2, pp110-116, (2009)
[4] Yoshikuni Yoshida, Ryuji Matsuhashi, "Evaluation of CO2 emission reduction in Japan utilizing the interregional repercussion model on freight transportation," Journal of Environmental Informatics, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp42-51, (2009)
Other Including the above papers, 125 reviewed papers, 46 English proceedings, 84 invited lecture and 243 oral presentation are published, respectively.

Keywords for Research

Energy systems analysis, low carbon society, sustainability, energy economics, environmental economics


[1] Ruth A. Reck, Ryuji Matsuhashi et. al.,Climate Change and Sustainable Development, Linton Atlantic Books, Ltd.,2010/3
[2] K. Nawata, S. Mori and R. Matsuhashi et. al.,Society in 2050 Choice for Global Sustainability,Asahi Glass Foundation,1999/3
[3] Bernstein, L., J. Roy, K.C. Delhotal, J. Harnisch, R. Matsuhashi, L.Price, K. Tanaka, E. Worrel, F. Yamba, Z. Fengqi, "Industry. In Climate Change 2007," the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Cambridge University Press, pp447-496,(2007)
Other Including the above, 23 books were published.

Membership in Academic Societies

Japan Society of Energy and Resources, The Japan Institute of Energy, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan, Architectural Institute of Japan, Society for Environemental Economics and Policy Studies etc.

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