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About LCS

The Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy (LCS) was established in December 2009 as an affiliated institution of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology's R&D Strategy.
LCS with a view to constructing a sustainable low carbon society, tries to broadly lay out an image of such a society compatible with affluent life, and then realize it. In order to contribute to the realization of a low carbon society, LCS draws up the image of a desirable society and formulates scenarios indicating ways to attain its realization. It also considers comprehensive strategies for new technologies and necessary measures for social system design to accelerate the realization of this low carbon society. By utilizing the results of its studies, LCS aims at contributing to the creation of new industries and employment and also creating systems for a low carbon society capable of serving as an international model.

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Greetings from LCS Director-General


The Center for Low Carbon Society Strategy aims to construct a low carbon society that is vigorous and sustainable, presenting widely social models compatible with prosperous life, and achieving such a society as reality.

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Our Staff

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LCS Brochure


LCS Brochure available here (PDF: 1MB)

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