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NOTE:Contact information in this brochure is old.

Among the researches conducted in (1) the JST basic research programs (CREST, PRESTO, ERATO and ICORP), (2) creative science and technology programs (formerly ERATO), (3) international joint research programs (formerly ICORP), (4) strategic basic research programs (formerly CREST), (5) individual research programs of young researchers (formerly PRESTO), and (6) designated research and development programs based on computing science and technology (ACT-JST), the researches expected to produce excellent findings and develop further will be continued without interruption beyond the previously allotted duration of research, thereby contributing to research findings that will be the key to future science and technology, or which are expected to be put to practical use in the future.

* All research projects were completed.

Propulsion Project

CREST, former CREST, and ACT-JST type research, PRESTO type research whose existing research domains have been terminated, and ERATO, former ERATO, ICORP and former ICORP type research adopted in and before fiscal 2003 will be promoted under the research supervisor of each SORST field.

ERATO, ICORP, former ERATO, and former ICORP type research adopted in fiscal 2004 and 2005 will be promoted under the research systems of conventional institutions.

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