Advanced Core Technologies for Big Data Integration

Strategic Objects

Creation, advancement, and systematization of innovative information technologies and their underlying mathematical methodologies for obtaining new knowledge and insight from use of big data across different fields

Research Supervisor

Masaru Kitsuregawa(Director General, National Institute of Informatics)

Research Supervisor

Etsuya Shibayama(Professor, Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo)


Along with the penetration of ICT in society and the advance and spread of sensors, measurement instruments and observation equipment for gathering information in the real world, the amount of data obtained from various fields has grown exponentially and continues to become more diverse. Advanced integration and use of big data are expected to bring about science and technology innovation and the creation of intellectual value through new scientific discoveries, with development of the resulting knowledge leading to creation of social and economic value as well as improvement and optimization of services.

In this research area, studies will be carried out in cooperation with information science and mathematical science field, and various research fields (application fields) in which the use of big data can bring about a great social impact. In order to make scientific discoveries, solve challenging social and economic problems and achieve innovative value creation, large-scale and diverse relevant data which could not be accumulated by individual researchers or organizations will be mutually related and subjected to a high level of integrated analysis. In this way empirical research and development will be carried out on extraction and creation of the innovative knowledge and value that are hidden in big data. To this end the research area will aim for the empirical creation and sophistication of the necessary next-generation application technologies.

Specifically, by means of innovative technologies for high-level integration and use of big data, the research will empirically realize innovative value creation, solutions to challenging social and economic problems, and/or various scientific discoveries in areas such as life science, materials science, health and medical care, society and economy, urban infrastructure systems, disaster prevention and mitigation, agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry, outer space, and the earth’s environment. The purpose is not simply creating knowledge and value by applying existing core technologies. Rather, the aims are new empirical creation and sophistication of next-generation application technologies necessary for achieving the objectives, and establishment of comprehensive and integrated big data analytics system technology adapted to the characteristics of application fields.

Moreover, in this research area collaboration will be encouraged with the related research area, Advanced Core Technology for Big Data Integration, including the sharing and use of next-generation core technologies developed in that area.

Research Area Advisors

・Kaoru Arakawa
Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences, Meiji University

・Mitsuru Ishizuka
Professor emeritus, The University of Tokyo

・Naonori Ueda
Senior Distinguished Scientist/Director, Machine Learning・Data Science Center,
NTT Communication Science Laboratories

・Hidehiko Tanaka
President/Professor, Graduate School of Information Security
Institute of Information Security

・Jun’ichi Tsujii
Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research Asia

・Hideyuki Tokuda
Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University

・Takeshi Tokuyama
Professor, Graduate School of Information Sciences, Tohoku University

・Teruo Higashino
Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology,
Osaka University

・Kazuo Murota
Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo

・Hiroto Yasuura
Trustee(Vice President), Kyushu University

・Hiroyuki Kitagawa (PRESTO)
Professor, Graduate School of Systems and Information Engineering, University of Tsukuba

・Yamanishi Kenji (PRESTO)
Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, the University of Tokyo

・Calton Pu (International Advisor)
Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Year Started : 2013

Naoto Ikegai
Project Researcher, Research Organization of Information and Systems
International Comparative Legal Study for Big Data Integration.

Issei Sato
Assistant Professor, The university of Tokyo
Statistical Latent Semantic Analysis for Data-driven Intelligence.

Yasuo Tabei
PRESTO Researcher, Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST)
Fast and space-efficient techniques for processing big data using succinct data structures.

Hiroki Matsutani
Assistant Professor, Keio University
A Reconfigurable Database Platform for Integrating Various Structured Storages.

Takayuki Mizuno
Associate Professor, Research Organization of Information and Systems
Create Early-Warning Technologies for Bubble using Financial Big Data.

Yusuke Miyao
Associate Professor, Research Organization of Information and Systems
Development of text analysis technologies that can be linked to non-text data.

Year Started : 2014

Closed-loop Computer Integrated Surgery using Statistical Learning and Biological Function Simulation
Research Director:
Yoshito Otake(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Information Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

Core Technologies for Analyzing Big Text by Combining Intelligence of Computers and Humans
Research Director:
Daisuke Kawahara(Associate Professor, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University)

Scalable Technologies for Finding Significant Patterns
Research Director:
Mahito Sugiyama(Assistant Professor, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR), Osaka University)

Resource-oriented Approach for Extracting Deep Knowledge from Big Data Streams
Research Director:
Yoshitaka Yamamoto(Assistant Professor, Graduate School Department of Interdisciplinary Research , University of Yamanashi)

Year Started : 2015

High-response Algorithmic Foundations for Interactive Exploration on Big Complex Data

Research Director:
Takuya Akiba(Research Assistant Professor, National Institute of Informatics, Principles of Informatics Research Division, Research Organization of Information and Systems)

Revive enormous legacy data from field experiments of crop cultivation

Research Director:
Akio Onogi(0, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan Science and Technology Agency)

Development of Fast Real-time Processing Methods for Astronomical Time-domain Data

Research Director:
Shigeyuki Sako(Assistant Professor, School of Science, The University of Tokyo)

Evaluation Platform for Sustainability of Global Systems

Research Director:
Akihiro Sato(Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University)

Asynchronous Stream Processing for Analyzing Various Sizes of Spatio-Temporal Big Data in Education

Research Director:
Atsushi Shimada(Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts and Science, Kyushu University)

Brain Big Data to predict human Thoughts and Actions (Data PRESTO)

Research Director:
Takufumi Yanagisawa(Assistant professor, Graduate School of Medicine, Osaka University)

BigData for human gut eco-system

Research Director:
Takuji Yamada(Associate professor, Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

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