Outcomes of PRESTO (completed)

(1)Topically Sprayed Fluorescent Probe for Tumor Imaging

Based on his interest in developing small molecular-based photo-functional tools for biological research, and assisted by the JST Strategic Basic Research Program, Professor URANO Yasuteru (The University of Tokyo) has made a major contribution to the detection of very tiny tumors, often overlooked during surgical or endoscopic/laparoscopic procedures.

Professor Urano’s team has developed a γ-glutamyltranspeptidase-activated fluorescent probe for rapid tumor detection; topically sprayed on any section in which the existence of tumors is suspected, it enables rapid and sensitive detection of tumors in vivo with a high tumor-to-background ratio, using fluorescence endoscopy. Cancerous microfoci as small as 1mm or less can now be accurately detected.


(2)Successful observation of frequency comb at terahertz frequencies using coherent vibration of silicon atoms

Contributing to development of fundamental technology to enable 1000-fold improvement of the speed of optical communications.

As part of the PRESTO Strategic Basic Research Program, Associate Professor HASE Muneaki (University of Tsukuba) and Professor KATSURAGAWA Masayuki (University of Electro-Communications) have successfully developed fundamental technology for manipulating coherent vibration of atoms (lattice vibrations: phonons), at the extremely high frequency range of 100 terahertz (THz=1012 Hz). The researchers observed the generation of a frequency comb (an optical spectrum consisting of discrete elements equally spaced, like the teeth of a comb) based on a completely new principle: harnessing the coherent atomic motion of a silicon crystalline lattice at its highest mechanical frequency.

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