[Atsushi Shimada] Asynchronous Stream Processing for Analyzing Various Sizes of Spatio-Temporal Big Data in Education

Research Director

Atsushi Shimada

Atsushi Shimada

Faculty of Information Science and Electrical Engineering, Kyushu University
Associate Professor


The spread of information communication technologies (ICT) enables people to have opportunities of ICT-driven education, where a lot of educational logs are collected from e-learning systems, e-portfolio systems, e-book systems and so on. There are two difficulties in utilizing educational big data. One is how to tackle the issue of asynchronous activities of students and teachers. The other is how to realize real-time feedback to students and teachers. To tackle these issues, in this study, the project will develop a new stream processing platform in which data integration, modeling, change detection, prediction and case-based database are implemented for analyzing various sizes of spatio-temporal big data.

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