[Takuya Matsuzaki] Automatic Text Layout based on Language Technology for Assisting Students with Difficulty in Text Comprehension

PRESTO Researcher

Takuya Matsuzaki's Photo

Takuya Matsuzaki

Nagoya University
Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering
Associate Professor


The readability of a text depends highly on its layout. The aim of this research is to develop a technology to make a text more readable by automatically adjusting its layout on electronic devices. The target is the digital textbooks, which is expected to be adopted gradually in coming years. The ultimate goal of the research is not just to assist students with difficulty in text comprehension for various reasons but to foster their reading skill through their experience of reading by themselves. The layout style is selected among various options according to each student’s reading skill. A model of reading skill development will be constructed based on large-scale experiments and it will support the choice of an appropriate layout style.

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