[Tomoya Nakamura] Ultra-compact computational camera by using artificial scattering media and compressive sensing

Research Director

Tomoya Nakamura

Tomoya Nakamura

Department of Information and Communications, School of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Assistant Professor


The objective of this proposal is the invention of a novel design of the computational lensless camera, which can capture the large amount of image data with an ultra-compact hardware. Specifically, this proposal aims to realize omni-directional and multi-spectral imaging with a small optical hardware whose size is the order of mm^3. The goal of this study is the verification of such imaging capability for the application of the “optical big-data sensor”, and the creation of a new field for the image industry in the era of information technology. The possible application includes the cognitive capsule endoscope, the smart robot with the ultra-compact vision system, the ultra-light wearable sensor, and so on.

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