[Satoshi Tsunoda] Attempts to vision restortion by applying enzyme rhodopsins

Research Director

Satoshi Tsunoda

Satoshi Tsunoda

Japan Science and Technology Agency
PRESTO Researcher


Signal transduction with cyclic nucleotide (cAMP and cGMP) is one of the most versatile second messenger systems involved in several cellular processes such as memory formation, metabolism, immune reactions, regulation of heart rate and visions. Cellular cyclic nucleotides are balanced by cyclase (synthesis) and phosphodiesterase (degeneration). Thus phosphodiesterases are targeted for drug screening. This project first focuses on molecular characterizations of a novel light-sensitive phosphodiesterase which has been discovered from a fresh water algae, Salpingoeca rosetta. Then the feasibility of the enzyme to optogenetics application for spatial and temporal regulation of cellular cyclic nucleotides is going to be assessed in cultured mammalian cells. Finally attempts will be made to restore the vision by introducing the light sensitive phosphodiesterase into photoreceptor cells of a blind mouse.

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