Research and Development for Humanitarian Demining of Antipersonnel Mines Japan Science and Technology Agency




Research and Development

We are developing mine detection systems based on advanced sensing technology and access-and-control technology. As a short-term R&D project, the sensor units use new GPR (ground penetrating radar) with existing MD (metal detector) technology in a single system. The concept, in which the deminers are given a continuous supply of detailed underground imaging data. As a middle-term R&D project, we are developing sensors that can detect explosives in landmines to improve detection efficiency.
The research and development have been done by cooperation of universities, industries, and government.

* Research and Development themes are the present in April, 2005

Short term R&D (FY2002 - FY2005)

Mine Hunter Vehicle (MHV) Mine Hunter Vehicle (MHV)
Advanced Mine Sweeper (AMS) Advanced Mine Sweeper (AMS)
Minehand & Metal-detection Bugg Minehand & Metal-detection Buggy

Middle term R&D (FY2002 - FY2007)

Explosive Sensor Explosive Sensor