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Our Project Video in the Nairobi Summit

We participated in the First Review Conference of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling,
Production and Transfer of Antipersonnel Mines and on Their Destruction (the Nairobi Summit).

In this page, you can download the our project video which we introduced in the Nairobi Summit.
Right click on the link below and select [Save Target As] from the pop-up menu to save the file onto your hard drive.

  • Technology for a Mine -Free World( MPEG )Download(size 79,029KB)
  • Technology for a Mine -Free World( WMV )Download(size 23,443KB)

If you cannot download the one large file, you can download small division files.
Right click on the link below and select [Save Target As] from the pop-up menu to save the files onto your hard drive.
If you download the 9 files as below, Execute Batch File [ combine.bat ].Then, the 8 division files are combined into one original MPEG file.

  • [File1] division.001 Download(size 10,240KB)
  • [File2] division.002 Download(size 10,240KB)
  • [File3] division.003 Download(size 10,240KB)
  • [File4] division.004 Download(size 10,240KB)
  • [File5] division.005 Download(size 10,240KB)
  • [File6] division.006 Download(size 10,240KB)
  • [File7] division.007 Download(size 10,240KB)
  • [File8] division.008 Download(size 7,349KB)
  • [File9] combine.bat( Batch File ) Download(size 1KB)

Note: If the division files can't be combined, you should check filename and extension of division files. The correct filename and extension is "division.00x". { x is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 respectively}
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