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Test and Evaluation in Cambodia

Outline of test and evaluation

Test period : October, 2006 - January, 2007
Location : Cambodia (Siem Riap , CMAC[Cambodia Mine Action Center] regional center)

Specified test condition :

  • Trial subject: 
    Surrogate mine (actual mine without booster)
  • Purpose and location: 
    Detecting trial at various soil and depth
  • Outline of the schedule: 
    The Participant shall carry the Detector in field trial site in series from around middle of September 2006. After adjustment of the Detector, test and evaluation will be implemented about 2 month per one detector.
  • Others: 
    Dispatched operators from CMAC will handle the Detector (prototype) in the test and evaluation.
    In this test and evaluation, it is essintial that the Participant(engineer/researcher) gives instruction to dispatched operators. Though the filed trial, operators shall evaluate capability of the Detector.

Appearance of the test and evaluation

The following JST's prototypes have been evaluated in the test.

ALIS Hand-held dual sensor

Gryphon with ALIS and metal detector

GPR Pulse Rader [LAMDAR-III]