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What are "Strategic Basic Research Programs"?

Strategic Basic Research Programs are intended to advance basic research aimed at achieving solutions for key issues Japan is facing, and to produce the seeds of creative, innovative technologies from new scientific knowledge that gives rise to innovation in science and technology leading to social and economic change. As such, Strategic Basic Research Programs seek to build virtual research institutes (time limited research organizations spanning organizational boundaries) consisting of networks of researchers at universities, companies, and public research institutions. Researchers pursue their work, while building networks of other researchers, industrial concerns that will benefit from the fruits of research work, and interested parties in society at large, under the leadership of a Program Officer (Research Supervisor, etc.) performing the role of the institute director.


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Program Framework


Promoting Globalization on Strategic Basic Research Programs

Strategic Basic Research Programs aim to contribute creation of innovation by research achievement, and to maintain high level of research internationally. For this target, JST deems that it is necessary to enhance international activities, such as collaboration with foreign researchers and research presentations to the world in addition to activities of domestic research.



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