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Kick Off Meeting

kick off meeting

The principal investigators and research advisers were also participated, and The Kick Off Meeting was held on October 25-26, 2007 at Miraikan. The research plans and progresses were presented by investigators. There were much discussion as to each research theme.

September 6, 2007  [Press Release]

The themes of CREST in 2007 were decided.

July 23, 2007  [Press Release]

The article of Principal Researcher Dr. Minoru Yoshida (RIKEN) was published on July 23,2007 in " Nature Chemical Biology" magazine on line edition.

June 15, 2007  [Press Release]

The article of Principal Researcher Dr. Yoichi Nabeshima (professor, Kyoto University) was published on June 15,2007 in "Science" magazine on line edition. The title of the article is "α-Klotho as a Regulator of Calcium Homeostasis ".

◆But I digress: the taste of CREST?◆

Pulvis dentrificus

When I visited the house of my friend in Los Angels recently, I dropped in a supermarket and look for a toothpaste, which I had cared. There were many toothpaste printed "CREST" in the shelves. I bought a new one, and brought back to Japan. A young woman in Japan tried it and told, "At first, it tasted like cinnamon, but later on, it became the taste of salt." I understood this expression was the same as CREST research program. At beginning of our research program, we decided the nickname of this program for "CREST", aiming the meanings of "top", "frontline", and "leading basic research in Japan". I had heard about the toothpaste named CREST before, but I was surprised it took after our research program not only by its name but also by its taste. [T.Yamasaki]

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