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Basic Research Programs Establishment of basic technologies for controlling of cell functions based on metabolic regulation mechanism analysis

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Research Supervisor

Masahiro Nishijima  Ph.D. National Institute of Health Sciences

The area of this research covers studies on new base technologies of cell regulation for the improvement, modification, and addition of cellular functions and for the restoration of disrupted homeostasis by systematic or comprehensive analyses of metabolic changes in cells and by the elucidation of maintenance mechanism of cellular homeostasis.

More concretely, it covers studies on the alteration of intracellular states of normal cells in response to external stimuli by various metabolites and their pathological states, the evaluation and classification of cellular states during development, cell modeling and the prediction of functional changes based on available or individual measurement data, and the prediction of compounds and designs of regulatory substances based on the studies that specifically regulate metabolic pathways. In addition, it covers preparation techniques for cells with novel functions based on these studies.

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