Development of System Software Technologies for post-Peta Scale High Performance Computing

Strategic Sector

Creation of Basic Technologies for System Software Essential to Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) Computation with Manycore and other Processors

Research Supervisor

Akinori Yonezawa (Co-director, RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science)

Year Started



The research area aims at developing system software technologies as well as related systems to be used for high performance computing in the post generations of the Japanese national supercomputer K.
More concretely, research and development will be conducted for system software enabling us to exploit maximum efficiency and reliability from supercomputers which will be composed of general purpose many-core processors as well as special purpose processors (so called GPGPU) in the second half of (and/or after) 2010’s. In addition to the system software such as programming languages, compilers, runtime systems, operation systems, communication middleware, and file systems, application development support systems and ultra-large data processing systems are the targets for research and development. Also, the targets include system software in the overlapping layers of software stack, which encourages real usages of developed system software.

Year Started : 2011

Ryuji Shioya
Professor, Toyo University
Hiroyuki Takizawa
Associate Professor, Tohoku University
Shigeru Chiba
Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Takeshi Nanri
Associate Professor, Kyushu University
Katsuki Fujisawa
Associate Professor, Chuo University

Year Started : 2010

 Tetsuya Sakurai