Innovative Technology and System for Sustainable Water Use

Strategic Sector

Development of innovative technologies for realizing sustainable water management by mitigating water

Research Supervisor

Shinichiro Ohgaki (President, National Institute for Environmental Studies)

Deputy Research Supervisor

Mikio Yoda (Senior Chief Engineer, Information & Control Systems Co., Hitachi Ltd.)

Year Started



This research area is focused on the creation of physical and/or social water management systems that would be adaptive measures for a variety of water issues of concern to Japan or other countries and caused by climate change or other factors. Using innovative water treatment technologies and water resources management systems, optimal water use, as measured by qualitative and quantitative criteria, is sought in the respective stages of water supply, discharge, reclamation, and resource recovery. Proposed researches should contribute to sustainable water use from the most rational of many perspectives, including energy consumption, socioeconomic impact, environmental load, public health, and/or site-specific circumstances of targeted areas.
Examples of research topics to be considered in this research area are: 1) basic R&D in materials science for advanced water treatment and seawater desalination using ozone or membranes and ceramic materials; 2) water quality assessment; and 3) comprehensive water resources (surface and subsurface water) and environmental management systems at the watershed scale. Comprehensive management systems should consider water treatment, reclamation, and resource recovery in different water uses including drinking water, sewage, industry, and agriculture.

Year Started : 2011

Tatsuo Omura
Professor, Tohoku University
Taikan Oki
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Ken'ichirou Kosugi
Associate Professor, Kyoto University
Toshinori Tsuru
Professor, Hiroshima University

Year Started : 2010

Tsukasa Ikeda
Professor, Utsunomiya University
Sadahiko Itoh
Professor, Kyoto University
Toshiko Komatsu
Professor, Saitama University
Sakae Shibusawa
Professor, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Jun Shimada
Professor, Kumamoto University
Ryo Miyake
Professor, Hiroshima university

Year Started : 2009

Satoshi Okabe
Professor, Hokkaido University
Yuichi Onda
Professor, University of Tsukuba
Shinjiro Kanae
Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Hiroaki Tanaka
Professor, Kyoto University
Shin-ichi Nakao
Professor, Kogakuin University
Taku Fujiwara
Professor, Kochi University
Hiroaki Furumai
Professor, The University of Tokyo