Photonics and Quantum Optics for the Creation of Innovative Functions

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Ultimate and Local Control of Photon and Applications

Research Supervisor

Tatsuo Izawa(Executive Vice President for Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology)

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This research area is aiming to create innovative science and technologies in Photonics and Quantum Optics including light source, detectors, and light control technologies for material science, life science, information processing and communications. It covers, for example, the researches of quantum dot, photonic crystal and nonlinear optics for information processing, communications and measurement technologies. The control technologies of atoms and molecules, chemical reaction control by light, the observation and measurement of living body, the development of new light sources and detectors for industrial and medical applications, ultra-fine processing technologies and file memories using evanescent wave, and the related material science are also included.

Year Started : 2007

Jun Ohta
Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Kazuo Kadowaki
Professor, University of Tsukuba
Hideki Hashimoto
Professor, Osaka City University
Hideki Hirayama
Team Leader, RIKEN
Noriaki Miyanaga
Professor, Osaka University

Year Started : 2006

Ryosuke Kodama
Professor, Osaka University
Makoto Kuwata- Gonokami
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Toshihiko Baba
Professor, Yokohama National University
Takashi Matsuoka
Professor, Tohoku University
Kenjiro Miyano
Professor, The University of Tokyo
Shuntaro Watanabe
Professor, The University of Tokyo

Year Started : 2005