[Yoshifumi Zoka] Basic theory and methodology development of highly accurate simulation technology for power systems incorporating device-level modeling of the applied power electronics

Research Director

Yoshifumi Zoka

Yoshifumi Zoka

Hiroshima University
Associate Professor


Next generation power systems will require mass introduction of power-electronic sub-systems, which should have increased flexibility and robustness to achieve highly advanced operation and control of the complete system. The accuracy of the prediction (simulation) technology for power-electronics operation will be quite important for an optimized design of complex diversified power networks, which strongly depend on the operational properties of their power-electronic sub-systems. The aim of this study is to achieve an accurate and effective prediction technology for power-system behavior from device to network level by incorporating Hiroshima University’s modeling technology (HiSIM) of power devices efficiently into the design flow of the complete power system. The effectiveness of the proposed methodology will be verified experimentally by design and analysis of a small power system.

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