2017/1/11 Big Data Application International Symposium, The first Day
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9:30 9:40 [Opening Remarks] Yuzuru Tanaka, Research Supervisor of CREST Big Data Application, Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University
9:40 11:50 [Session 1] Key Note Session (Guests)
Jack Park (Silicon Valley researcher and innovator)
Randolph Goebel (Professor, University of Alberta)
11:50 13:00 Lunch
13:00 14:20 [Session 2] Weather prediction Chair: Takemasa Miyoshi, Team leader, RIKEN
Fuqing Zhang (Professor, The Pennsylvania State University)
"Predictability and Data Assimilation of Severe Weather and Tropical Cyclones"
Takemasa Miyoshi (RIKEN),
Hirofumi Tomita (RIKEN),
Shinsuke Satoh (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology),
Yutaka Ishikawa (RIKEN)
"Project Progress Report"
Masahide Kimoto (Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo)
14:20 15:40 [Session 3] Agriculture Chair: Masayuki Hirafuji, Professor, Director, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)
Masayuki Hirafuji (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)
"Creating agricultural big data"
Kazunori Taguchi (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)
"Problems of breeding"
Pascal Neveu (National Institute of Agricultural Research)
"Data semantics and Data integration for phenotyping in INRA"
Wei Guo (The University of Tokyo)
"Problems of machine learning for phenotyping"
Hajime Nobuhara (University of Tsukuba)
"Problems of drones"
Toshiyuki Kamiya (NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.)
"Problems of 3D reconstruction"
(Panel discussion)
"International collaboration"
15:40 17:00 [Session 4] Pandemic Chair: Hiroshi Nishiura, Professor, Hokkaido University
Matteo Chinazzi (Northeastern University)
"A big data epidemic forecasting using GLEAMviz, the global epidemic and mobility model"
Hiroshi Nishiura (Hokkaido University)
"Reconstructing the transmission dynamics of epidemic diseases using epidemiological and genetic datasets"
Masaya Saitoh (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
"Real time forecasting of rubella epidemic in Japan and consideration of spatial vaccination"
17:00 18:10 [Session 5] Document Understanding Chair: Yuji Matsumoto, Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Isabelle Augenstein (University College London)
"Weakly Supervised Machine Reading"
Yuji Matsumoto (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
"Overview of Scientific Document Analysis Project and Top-down and Bottom-up approaches to Scientific Paper Analysis"
Akiko Aizawa (National Institute of Informatics)
"Layout, Logical, and Semantic Structures of Scientific Documents"
2017/1/12 Big Data Application International Symposium, The second Day
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9:00 10:20 [Session 6] Cosmic Physics Chair: Naoki Yoshida Professor, Department of Physics / Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo
Tohru Yamada (Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, JAXA)
"WFIRST satellite and big cosmology survey"
Naoki Yoshida (The University of Tokyo)
"Cosmology with Subaru HSC survey"
(Panel discussion) Tohru Yamada, Naonori Ueda, Anne Ducout
"Big data and basic science"
10:20 11:30 [Session 7] Drug discovery Chair: Kimito Funatsu, Professor, The University of Tokyo
Kimito Funatsu (The University of Tokyo)
"Platform for systematic and efficient development of pharmaceuticals from discovery through production"
Yasushi Okuno (Kyoto University)
"Application of Deep Learning to Drug Discovery"
Jürgen Bajorath (Bonn University)
"Learning from Big Compound Data"
Makoto Taiji (RIKEN)
"Integrated Pharmacoinformatics Platform for Collaborations and a Future One-Stop Service using Cloud Computing"
Kenji Hori (Yamaguchi University)
"Enhancement of TSDB toward Semi-auto Calculations for Fast Evaluation of Reaction Mechanisms"
11:30 13:00 Lunch
13:00 14:20 [Session 8] Medicine Chair: Tatsuhiko Tsunoda, Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Simon Anders (University of Helsinki)
"Interactive visual exploration of multi-omics data"
Tatsuhiko Tsunoda (Tokyo Medical and Dental University / RIKEN)
"Multi-omics and clinical analysis of cancer"
Mamoru Kato (National Cancer Center Research Institute)
"Biomarker exploration by cancer big-data analysis and clinical sequencing"
14:20 15:40 [Session 9] Disaster Response Chair: Yoshihide Sekimoto, Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Zbigniew Smoreda (Orange Labs)
"Support for developing country using mobile phone data: From the experience of D4D (Data for Development)"
Yoshihide Sekimoto (The University of Tokyo)
"Real-time people movement reconstruction from mobile phone data"
Yosuke Kawasaki (Tohoku University)
"Real-time vehicle movement estimation in disaster situation"
Yoshiki Ogawa (The University of Tokyo)
"Method for Effective creations of integrating various disaster patterns"
(Panel discussion) Bigniew Smoreda, Yoshihide Sekimoto, Yosuke Kawasaki, Yoshiki Ogawa
"What are the next method and data for estimation of urban changes?"
15:40 16:50 [Session 10] Life Chair: Shuichi Onami, Team Leader, RIKEN QBiC
Kris Gunsalus (New York University, USA)
"Integration of large and multi-dimensional data in biology (tentative)"
Shuichi Onami (RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center)
"Data-driven modeling of C. elegans embryogenesis"
Koji Koyamada (Kyoto University)
"Visual causal exploration from C. elegans embryo development data"
Takumi Imai (Kyoto University)
"An application of Lasso regression modeling to Caenorhabditis elegans embryo development data analysis"
16:50 17:15 [Session 11] Common technologies on this research area
Jonas Sjobergh (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University)
"Hands-on Portals for the dissemination of technologies and analysis scenarios on CREST Big Data Applications"
17:15 18:00 [Wrap-up by the Invited Speakers and the Research Supervisor]
Yuzuru Tanaka (Research Supervisor)