2019/1/14 CREST International Symposium on Big Data Application, The first Day
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9:30 9:40 [Opening Remarks] Yuzuru Tanaka, Research Supervisor of CREST Big Data Application
9:40 11:50 [Session 1] Keynote Session
Stuart Kauffman (Theoretical Biologist, Complex Systems Researcher, The Institute for Systems Biology)
"The Shape of History"
Rich Caruana (Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research)
"Friends Don’t Let Friends Deploy Black-Box Models: The Importance of Intelligibility in Machine Learning"
11:50 13:00 Lunch
13:00 14:20 [Session 2] Life Chair: Shuichi Onami, Team Leader, RIKEN QBiC
John Isaac Murray (Univertsity of Pennsylvania)
"A comprehensive spatiotemporal map of embryonic gene expression (tentative)"
Shuichi Onami (RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research)
"Data-driven modeling of C. elegans development (tentative)"
Koji Koyamada (Kyoto University)
"Visual analytics environment to support data-driven modeling (tentative)"
14:20 15:40 [Session 3] Drug discovery Chair: Kimito Funatsu, Professor, The University of Tokyo
Kimito Funatsu (The University of Tokyo)
"Platform for systematic and efficient development of pharmaceuticals from discovery through production"
Jürgen Bajorath (Bonn University)
"Identifying inhibitor promiscuity cliffs across the human kinome"
Yasushi Okuno (Kyoto University)
"Application of Deep Learning to Drug Discovery"
Makoto Taiji (RIKEN)
"Integrated Pharmacoinformatics Platform for Collaborations and a One-Stop Service using Cloud Computing"
Kenji Hori (Yamaguchi University)
"Development of Fast Evaluation of Potential Synthesis Routes using Transition State Data Base (TSDB)"
15:40 17:00 [Session 4] Disaster Response Chair: Shunichi Koshimura, Professor, International Research Institute of Disaster Science, Tohoku University
Shunichi Koshimura (Tohoku University)
"Real-time Simulation and Disaster Response"
Ronald Eguchi (ImageCat Inc.)
"Communicating Earth Observation Data: a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"
17:00 18:10 [Session 5] Weather prediction Chair: Takemasa Miyoshi, Team leader, RIKEN
Eugenia Kalnay (University of Maryland, College Park)
"How to improve forecasts by identifying and deleting detrimental observations"
Takemasa Miyoshi (RIKEN)
Hirofumi Tomita (RIKEN)
Shinsuke Satoh (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)
Tomoo Ushio (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Yutaka Ishikawa (RIKEN)
"Project Report"
Tomoyuki Higuchi (The Institute of Statistical Mathematics)
2019/1/15 CREST International Symposium on Big Data Application, The second Day
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9:00 10:20 [Session 6] PRESTO Network ICT Chair: Takayuki Mizuno, Associate professor, National Institute of Informatics
Arthur Spirling (Politics and Data Science at New York University)
"Diplomacy, Secrecy and International Relations: What Can We Learn from (Big) Data?"
Takayuki Mizuno (NII)
Mahito Sugiyama (NII)
Yusuke Miyao (The Univ. of Tokyo)
"Success in the PRESTO Network"
10:20 11:30 [Session 7] Medicine Chair: Tatsuhiko Tsunoda, Professor, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Olivier Harismendy (UC San Diego School of Medicine / Moores Cancer Center)
"Characterization of chemotherapy resistance at single-cell resolution"
Tatsuhiko Tsunoda (Tokyo Medical and Dental University / RIKEN)
"Cancer heterogeneity and immunology for precision medicine"
Shigeyuki Matsui (Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine)
"Predictive marker analysis in randomized clinical trials"
11:30 12:50 Lunch
12:50 14:10 [Session 8] Pandemic Chair: Hiroshi Nishiura, Professor, Hokkaido University
Jessica Metcalf (Princeton University)
"Spatio temporal dynamics of rubella"
Hiroshi Nishiura (Hokkaido University)
"Real time response to rubella epidemic in Japan"
14:10 15:30 [Session 9] Cosmic Physics Chair: Naoki Yoshida Professor, Department of Physics / Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo
Chris Lintott (Oxford University)
"Astronomy with big data and citizen science"
Hideyuki Kawashima (Keio University)
"Data infrastructure for big data cosmology with Subaru HSC survey"
Michihiro Koibuchi (National Institute for Informatics)
"Approximate HPC Networks for Imperfect Computing"
15:30 16:50 [Session 10] Agriculture Chair: Masayuki Hirafuji, Project Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo
Masayuki Hirafuji (The University of Tokyo)
"Progress report"
Alice Boizet (INRA)
"Data integration for high-throughput plant observation"
Tokihiro Fukatsu & Atsushi Itoh (NARO)
"Datasets in farms"
Wei Guo (The University of Tokyo) & Hajime Nobuhara (University of Tsukuba)
"Datasets of drones"
Shigeharu Taniguchi (NEC Solution Innovators)
"Personal Data-Integration tool"
16:50 18:10 [Session 11] Document Understanding Chair: Yuji Matsumoto, Professor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Doug Raymond (Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence)
"Towards more efficient review of research literature"
Yuji Matsumoto (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
"Knowledge Acquisition from Scientific Papers"
Junichiro Mori (The University of Tokyo)
"Large-scale network analysis with applications to science and technology policy"
18:10 18:25 [Session 12] Common technologies on this research area
Jonas Sjobergh (Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Hokkaido University)
"Hands-on Portals for the dissemination of technologies and analysis scenarios on CREST Big Data Applications"
18:25 19:00 [Wrap-up by the Invited Speakers and the Research Supervisor]
Yuzuru Tanaka (Research Supervisor)