"AIP: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT, Cyber Security Integration Project" was selected as the target measures of the Public/Private R&D Investment Strategic Expansion PrograM (PRISM) founded in the Cabinet Office in FY2018. JST will use PRISM framework to strengthen and accelerate research and development of AIP network laboratory.

For your reference:Public/Private R&D Investment Strategic Expansion PrograM(PRISM)
Please refer to Cabinet Office,Goverment of Japan(only Japanese).

Program of AIP-PRISM

■AIP accelerated PRISM research

"AIP accelerated PRISM research" will promote research projects as strengthening and accelerating in JST Strategic Basi Research, they have research achievements in CREST/PRESTO of AIP Network Laboratory and can contribute to PRISM 's goals.
*PRISM:Public/Private R&D Investment Strategic Expansion PrograM

■AIP Challenge PRISM Acceleration Support

"AIP Challenge PRISM Acceleration Support" will foster excellent young researchers by supporting top human resources development by the PRISM at AIP Network Laboratory.
*PRISM:Public/Private R&D Investment Strategic Expansion PrograM

Referrence for researchers

■Grant Numbers

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