Message from the Laboratory Director

The rapid progress of artificial intelligence converging with related technologies such as robotics is giving great influence on our lives by making the workforce more efficient and sophisticated. Human beings are needed to be more creative to enrich our society by conducting cultural work. Recognizing such circumstances, AIP network laboratory was established to strongly support research on artificial intelligence related areas.

AIP network laboratory orchestrates relevant research areas in the strategic basic research programs and extends the range of researchers' exchanges that had been working for each research area to all areas across the laboratory. It is an attempt to further advance collaboration leading to the creation of new value. Moreover, we will promote self-motivated research and development of by young researchers.

From FY 2018, AIP network laboratory is registered as a measure in the PRISM "Innovative Cyber Space Infrastructure Technology" area. We will contribute to the ministry and government collaboration project to accelerate the implementation of AI technology for industry revitalization.

The AIP network laboratory, which was established in 8 areas of CREST, PRESTO, and ACT-I in FY 2016, has added two newly established areas in FY 2017 and currently consists of 10 areas. The total number of researchers involved in the laboratory has been around 2,000 in 3 years. There is no other large-scale project in information science. Since researchers with various ideas participate from a wide range of fields, many new ideas are incubated by interaction among researchers. I strongly expect that they will demonstrate a big presence in the future.

Katsumi EMURA
Laboratory Director

What is AIP Network Lab?

Political Framework

Japanese Government launched “Strategic Council for AI Technology” as a control tower of AI technology. The Council has come to manage five National Research and Development Agencies that fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Affiliated to the Council, MEXT launched AIP Project (Advanced Integrated Intelligence Platform Project) in FY2016. AIP Project is conducted by AIP Center, RIKEN and AIP Network Laboratory, JST collaboratively.

Direction of AIP Network Laboratory

  1. Find and support innovations frontier researches in AI related areas and demonstrate their presences.
  2. Actively disseminate research results internationally and contribute to the progress of AI related research areas.
  3. Support collaborative research within the AIP Network Laboratory And create new value.
  4. Work on the entire lab to develop and educate young researchers.

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