Privacy Policy

Protection of privacy information

Personal information obtained by iPS Trend will not be disclosed or provided to a third party without prior consent from the provider of the information or reasonable grounds unless it is required by the law. iPS Trend will implement necessary measures to properly manage collected personal information, and prevent the leakage, loss, or corruption of information.

Acquisition of personal information

When responding to inquiries from users, iPS Trend may acquire personally identifiable information including the name and email address of a user.

Scope of the use of information

JST manages, utilizes, and analyzes personally identifiable information obtained from users for the purpose of promoting its activities. JST may use personally identifiable information obtained from users in accordance with the relevant provisions of the privacy policy.

Disclosure of information to third parties

JST will not disclose personally identifiable information obtained from users to any third party unless :

  • it is required by the law;
  • prior consent regarding disclosure to third parties has been obtained from the user at the time of the provision of information; or
  • it is limited to persons in charge of providing users with information offered by JST and for the purpose of executing the task.

JST takes reasonable and necessary measures to prevent unintentional disclosure of obtained information to third parties.


JST implements reasonable security measures to prevent the loss, leakage, misuse, falsification, and corruption of personally identifiable information provided by users. However, be aware that, despite its all-out effort, it is impossible to guarantee complete security with regards to the above-mentioned information.

Access logs

JST records and stores access logs including user IP addresses. Individuals will not be identified through our operations involving IP addresses. Access logs recorded by the website are not used for any purpose other than statistical analysis, such as the frequency of accesses and their status, and network diagnosis to address server problems. The results of statistical analysis will be used to understand the status of user access and improve the operation of the website.

Modification to the privacy policy

JST may modify its privacy policy as required. Modification to the privacy policy will be announced on the website to notify users. A user who have accessed or used the website after modification of the policy shall be deemed to have agreed to the revised privacy policy.


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