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ETH Zurich - JST Workshop on Medical Research September 15th -16th, 2008 in Zurich


Japan - Switzerland First Workshop on Medical Research
Date: 15th-16th, September, 2008
Place: ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Sponsor: JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency:
ETHZ(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich :

Prof. Yusuke Nakamura, The University of Tokyo
Prof. Wilhelm Krek, ETH Zurich

September 15th , 2008:
9:00 Opening Remarks
Gerhard Schmitt, Vice President, ETH Zurich
Fumiaki Takahashi, Executive Director, JST
Wilhelm Krek, ETH Zurich
Yusuke Nakamura, The University of Tokyo

9:30 Session 1: Translational Research
Markus Stoffel, ETH Zurich
Abstract: Markus Stoffel 
Wilhelm Krek, ETH Zurich
Abstract: Wilhelm Krek 
Yusuke Nakamura, The University of Tokyo
Abstract: Yusuke Nakamura  Presentation: Yusuke Nakamura 
Koji Nishida, Tohoku University
Abstract: Koji Nishida  Presentation: Koji Nishida 

11:30 Lunch Break

13:00 Session 2: Pharmacogenomics and drug discovery
Michael Detmar, ETH Zurich
Abstract: Michael Detmar 
Hans-Ulrich Zeilhofer, ETH Zurich
Abstract: Hans-Ulrich Zeilhofer  Presentation: Hans-Ulrich Zeilhofer 
Hiroyuki Aburatani, The University of Tokyo
Abstract: Hiroyuki Aburatani 
Taisei Mushiroda, Riken
Abstract: Taisei Mushiroda  Presentation: Taisei Mushiroda 

15:00 Coffee Break

15:30 Session 3: Proteomics and Development of Biomarker
Holger Moch, University of Zurich
Abstract: Holger Moch 
Ruedi Aebersold, ETH Zurich
Abstract: Ruedi Aebersold 
Kazuto Nishio, Kinki University
Abstract: Kazuto Nishio  Presentation: Kazuto Nishio 
Koji Ueda, Riken
Abstract: Koji Ueda 

September 16th, 2008
10:00 Session 4: Bioinformatics
Erik van Nimwegen, University of Basel
Abstract: Erik van Nimwegen  Presentation: Erik van Nimwegen 
Sven Bergmann, University of Lausanne
Abstract: Sven Bergmann 
Satoru Miyano, The University of Tokyo
Abstract: Satoru Miyano  Presentation: Satoru Miyano 
Tatsuhiko Tsunoda, Riken
Abstract: Tatsuhiko Tsunoda 

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Session 5: Whole Genome Association Study
Amalio Telenti, University Lausanne
Abstract: Amalio Telenti 
Freddy Radke, EPF Lausanne
Abstract: Freddy Radke  Presentation: Freddy Radke 
Tatsushi Toda, Osaka University
Abstract: Tatsushi Toda 
Katsushi Tokunaga, The University of Tokyo
Abstract: Katsushi Tokunaga  Presentation: Katsushi Tokunaga 

15:00 Closing Remarks
Wilhelm Krek, ETH Zurich

15.15 - 16.45 Visits of Labs and Facilities
Light Microscope Center
Proteomics Facilities



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