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Science Window (English Edition)
"Science Window" is a quarterly Japanese publication published by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) since its inaugural issue in 2006. On occasion, special editions of the magazine are also issued. Approximately 39,000 public and private schools in Japan receive complimentary subscriptions to this magazine. Fifty Japanese schools in United States also receive the magazine from the JST Washington DC office. Science Window is regarded as an educational science magazine for teachers and students to foster scientific literacy. It has introduced many easy, useful, and interesting scientific themes through fundamental scientific experiments, topics related to the biological sciences, and a variety of articles from a wide range of science and technology fields. This is an important component of our effort to support STEM education.
The Science Window English edition has been issued by the JST Washington DC office annually since 2012.
See Science Window Japanese Edition online at JST's website.@ If you want to subscribe Science Window Japanese edition for your Japanese Language school, please contact us.
 Spring 2015 English Edition Vol. 4

- The History of Artificial Light and Brighter Future with the Rise of LEDs
- Animal Secrets - Crocodilians
- After eating seedy fruits and vegetables, let's plant thier seeds!

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- Two page view (5.3MB)

 Spring 2014 English Edition Vol. 3

- How do touchscreens work?
- Animal Secrets - Giant Panda
- Bug watching in the soil

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- Single page view (6.9MB)
- Two page view (6.9MB)

 Spring 2013 English Edition Vol. 2

- What is the proper fit for your running shoes?
- Animal Secrets - Cheetah
- Water Absorption Experiment with vegetable close at hand

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- Two page view (5.5MB)

 Spring 2012 English Edition Vol. 1

- Carbon Fiber
- Animal Secrets - Fellow Deer (Dama dama)
- Fossils

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- Two page view (4.0MB)