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  Available JST Databases
JST provides the following databases:
Literature/Online Journals
 J-STAGE - Electronic journal site for Japan's academic societies
 Journal@rchive - Archive of Japanese journals
Patents & Technologies
 J-STORE - Database for patents and other research results
Researchers & Research Institutions
 JREC-IN Portal - Career support portal site for all researchers and research staff
 Gakkai Meikan - Database of academic societies in Japan
 researchmap - Database of researchers' information in Japan
 Asia Science and Technology Portal - Comprehensive Guide to ASEAN+6 Research Opportunities
 Landslide Map Database - Database of landslide maps
Portal Sites
 Science Links Japan - Resources of Japan's scientific and technical information
 HOWDY - Human Organized Whole Genome Database
 JSNP Database - Database of Japanese Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms
 JG-SNP - Database of Japanese Single Nucleotide Polymorphism for Geriatric Research
 mtSNP - Human Mitochondrial Genome Polymorphism Database
 dbProP - Protein Polymorphism Database
 NBDC - National Bioscience Database Center
 NikkajiWeb - Japanese chemical substance dictionary
 FDDB - Forest Dynamics Database
 EcoDB - Ecosystem Database
Interactive Learning
 JST Virtual Science Center - Education through interactive animation