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Echange de chercheurs et soutien a la recherche

More progress and sophistication in researches are expected by implementing them jointly with various countries in the world. JST is involved in joint researches which are conducted upon intergovernmental agreements and assists international S&T researches.

  • Strategic International Cooperative Program (SICP)

    Based upon intergovernmental talks and other agreements on cooperation in S&T fields, MEXT designates certain countries and fields as especially important in order for Japan and its counterpart countries to promote cooperation. On such designation, JST, with the Strategic International Cooperative Program, and its counterpart country jointly make further advances in research exchanges from both countries. Specifically, JST supports joint researchers and research exchanges among research teams, dispatching and hosting researchers and organizing symposia and seminars.

    • U.S.-related Program Activities and Cooperative Research Projects
    • Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium (JAFoE)

      JST holds the Japan-America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium (JAFoE), along with the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and the Engineering Academy of Japan (EAJ). The aim of JAFoE is to provide a place where young researchers can find new possibilities in their research and development and foster interdisciplinary research. To attain this aim, the JAFoE symposium provides a place where approximately 65 young Japanese and American engineering researchers (up to 45 years old) can exchange their research information.

  • Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS)

    JST supports international joint research cooperation between Japan and developing countries for resolving global issues such as environment/energy, natural disaster prevention, and infectious diseases control. Such research cooperation is conducted in collaboration with JICA, an organization that implements ODA technical cooperation.

    • Housing for Foreign Researchers

      To facilitate active exchange between foreign and domestic researchers, "Takezono House" and "Ninomiya House", guesthouses for foreign researchers, are operated in the Tsukuba area.