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Past Projects
Ultrashort Pulse Laser
Membrane Mechanisms
Quantum Spin Information
Organ Regeneration
Computational Brain
Nanoscale Quantum Conductor Array
Dynamic Nanomachine
Entropy Control
Calcium Oscillation
Photon Craft
Cell Mechanosensing
Quantum Entanglement
Development of HIV/AIDS vaccine for HIV-1 Subtype-E
Single Molecule Processes
Cold Trapped Ion
Mind Articulation
Ceramics Superplasticity
Quantum Transition
Subfemtomole Biorecognition
Microbial Evolution
Atom Arrangement-Design and Control for New Materials
1998.1~2002.12 Single Molecute Processes Project
Research Directors
Prof. Toshio Yanagida Prof. Toshio Yanagida
Graduate School of Frontier Bioscience, Osaka University
Prof. Luigi Ricciardi   Prof. Luigi Ricciardi
Dept. of Applied Mathematics, University of Naples

Counterpart Organization: University of Naples (Italy)
Supporting National Agency: National Council of Research (CNR)

Proteins, vital functions for life, form biogenic systems by self-assembling and dynamically interacting with each other. They do vital activities: energy/information transduction, reproduction, etc. To study the mechanisms of how biomolecular systems have acquired this high level of functionality, we developed a techniques of imaging and manipulating a single molecule at a precision of nanometers which can clarifying the ingenious motion algorithms of the systems by expanding theories based on experimental data.
Biomolecular machineries showed high level of autonomy and flexibilities, which are not feasible for artificial ones, and revealed extremely high efficiency on their work and movements unique to biomolecules. To clarify the mechanisms of more advanced biogenic systems, we could build the foundations of further developments by accumulating solid data.
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