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Past Projects
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Membrane Mechanisms
Quantum Spin Information
Organ Regeneration
Computational Brain
Nanoscale Quantum Conductor Array
Dynamic Nanomachine
Entropy Control
Calcium Oscillation
Photon Craft
Cell Mechanosensing
Quantum Entanglement
Development of HIV/AIDS vaccine for HIV-1 Subtype-E
Single Molecule Processes
Cold Trapped Ion
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Ceramics Superplasticity
Quantum Transition
Subfemtomole Biorecognition
Microbial Evolution
Atom Arrangement-Design and Control for New Materials
1998.1~2002.12 Nanotubulites Project
Research Directors
Prof. Sumio Iijima Prof. Sumio Iijima
Dept. of Science and Engineering, Meijyo University/NEC Basic Research Institute
Prof. Christian Colliex   Prof. Christian Colliex
The Head of CNRS Aime Cotton Laboratory

Counterpart Organization: French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) (France)
Supporting National Agency: CNRS

Fully employing the arc discharge/laser vaporization methods, we aimed at: solving production mechanisms as well as the creation of nanotube materials; searching for physical/chemical modification methods for produced materials; and explicating a new technique of evaluating the produced materials and the compounds at the atomic level. Building a formation in which French side evaluate the properties of carbon nanotube materials, we promoted our collaborative research while mutually sending researchers of both sides.
The attraction for carbon nanotubes widely extends from basic science to industrial applications toward next generation, flat display equipment, transistors, fuel batteries, etc. Since those studies are being actively carried out on global scale, our findings are expected to become the foundations of further improvements in nanotube-material research.
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