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Past Projects
Ultrashort Pulse Laser
Membrane Mechanisms
Quantum Spin Information
Organ Regeneration
Computational Brain
Nanoscale Quantum Conductor Array
Dynamic Nanomachine
Entropy Control
Calcium Oscillation
Photon Craft
Cell Mechanosensing
Quantum Entanglement
Development of HIV/AIDS vaccine for HIV-1 Subtype-E
Single Molecule Processes
Cold Trapped Ion
Mind Articulation
Ceramics Superplasticity
Quantum Transition
Subfemtomole Biorecognition
Microbial Evolution
Atom Arrangement-Design and Control for New Materials
1998.3~2003.3 Mind Articulation Project
Research Directors
Prof. Yasushi Miyashita Prof. Yasushi Miyashita
Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo
Prof. Wayne O'Neil   Prof. Wayne O'Neil
Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, Massachusetts Institutes of Technology (M.I.T.)

Counterpart Organization: M.I.T. (U.S.A)
Supporting National Agency: National Science Foundation (NSF)

We conducted the cooperative research with the U.S.A. starting in 1996 to clarify the visual image production, which is the base of humans' mental functions as well as the core of highly-advanced cognitive functions, and the neuronal expression for the brain articulation and the mechanisms, which is basic functions of the mind supporting intellectual abilities such as language.
By demonstrating a study on the cerebral mechanism that has operating capabilities of the articulation, we made it clear that the cerebral cognitive systems consist of systems based on an operation of: Depictive System and Propositional System, including that there exists the cerebral association area as the center. Indicating that the center of the Depictive System is the TE/36 area in the temporal lobe association areas and the center of the latter system (Propositional System) is a Broca area in the prefrontal association areas, we initiated a discovery of the regulatory signal (a top-down signal) that lies from the prefrontal to the temporal lobe association areas as a mechanism of interaction for those areas in the world.
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