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Past Projects
RNA Synthetic Biology Japan-France 2006.12-2012.3
ATP-synthesis Regulation Japan-New Zealand 2006.12-2012.3
Ultrashort Pulse Laser Japan-Germany 2006.3-2011.3
Spatio-Temporal Order Japan-France 2006.3-2011.3
Membrane Mechanisms Japan-India 2005.3-2010.3
Quantum Spin Information Japan-The Netherlands , Switzerland 2005.3-2010.3
Organ Regeneration Japan-U.S.A. 2004.3-2009.3
Computational Brain Japan-U.S.A. 2004.1-2009.1
Nanoscale Quantum Conductor Array Japan-U.K. 2003.3-2008.3
Dynamic Nanomachine Japan-U.S.A. 2002.12-2007.12
Entropy Control * Japan-Korea 2002.3-2007.3
Calcium Oscillation Japan-Sweden 2001.1-2005.12
Photon Craft * Japan-China 2002.2-2005.2
Cell Mechanosensing Japan-U.S.A. 2001.1-2004.12
Bio-Recycle * Japan-Thailand 1999.3-2004.3
Quantum Entanglement Japan-France 1999.1-2003.12
Development of HIV/AIDS vaccine for HIV-1 Subtype-E * Japan-Thailand 1998.3-2003.3
Single Molecule Processes Japan-Italy 1998.1-2002.12


Japan-France 1998.1-2002.12
Chemotransfiguration Japan-The Netherlands 1997.1-2001.12
Cold Trapped Ion Japan-U.K. 1997.1-2001.12
Mind Articulation Japan-U.S.A. 1996.1-2000.12
NeuroGenes Japan-Canada 1996.1-2000.12
Ceramics Superplasticity Japan-Germany 1995.1-1999.12
Quantum Transition Japan-U.S.A. 1994.1-1998.12
Subfemtomole Biorecognition Japan-Sweden 1993.1-1997.12
Supermolecules Japan-France 1992.3-1997.3
Microbial Evolution Japan-U.S.A. 1991.3-1996.3

Atom Arrangement-Design and Control for New Materials

Japan-U.K. 1990.3-1995.3
* Asian/the Pacific Ocean Type
Japan Science and Technology Agency
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